Letter Of Extortion Wrote and Used By Jim Swinney, of Farm Bureau, to Illegally Acquire Money.
This note was also sent via United States Postal Service to Mr Litten of Halderman Farm Management for the sole purpose to Extort Money!
This is a Federal Offense. The US Postal Inspector refused to file Crimal Charges!

The Note Reads

Carl Litten:

Kelley-Thomas Farm Account.

Mr. Litten; Thank you for your memo of July 22, 1993 concerning above. I spoke with Carl Redman and per that conversation have issued credit memo# 33925. For $420.50 to reduce account.

I hope this is acceptable and per agreement with Monsanto and Mr. Winiger whom I am copying with this memo.


Jim Winiger's comment-------This statement by Jim Swinney, General Manager of the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op, is a lie. The agreement he is speaking of is the Forger Release of Claims Form. This is the letter Jim Swinney used to extort $3515.00 from the Kelley-Thomas Farm Account and Carl Litten of Halderman Farm Management of Walbash Ind. Halderman Farm Management manages the Kelley-Thomas Farms of Mt. Vernon. I, Jim Winiger, have farmed this land since 1970. Remember the Posey County Prosecutor, Trent VanHaaften said, there is no evidence!

Halderman Farm Management of Walbash Ind. did nothing to recoup the lostes suffered by the Kelley-Thomas Farms.

To me, this is very poor management! Anyone that uses this company to manage their farms, money for investments or anything thing else that Halderman Management is involved in, must remember, this comapany Halderman Management, is only interested in putting money in the company pocket and not in protecting your interest!


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