Monsanto's & Custom Applicators Forgeries

(An incident that offends the moral sensibilities of society) _______________________________________________________________________________

Forgeries dating from 1993 through 1999

An alleged conspiracy either exist or has existed between Monsanto Chemical Co. and some Custom Applicators, especially Farm Bureau, to cheat the Farmers and land owners out of the settlements due them caused by poor weed control using Monsanto chemicals. Monsanto and some Custom Applicators, especially Farm Bureau, forged (Fraud-Class C Felony) the signatures of potentially thousands of producers to Release of Claims Forms holding Monsanto and these Applicators harmless for all damages and financial losses caused when their chemicals did not work.

This knowledge was obtained through sworn depositions of Farm Bureau employee’s. I am aware through Farm Bureau Personnel of forgeries in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. I also have proof of more forgeries as late a June of 1999. I am also aware of three phone calls from as far away as Germany concerning Monsanto.

I believe that these activities should be investigated and bring these criminals to trial and to determined how many millions of dollars has been stolen from the producers. The producers are in a time of Depression world wide and simply do not need anyone Stealing from them.

If you are a producer and have had to respray any chemical that was supplied by Monsanto and you did not personally sign a Release of Claims Form holding Monsanto and the Applicator harmless, than there is a forgery with your signature on it. In Monsanto's own words, "The paper work has to be done first" meaning that the release of claims form was either signed by you, the producer, personally or it was Forged by the custom applicator and/or Monsanto before the second application was applied. If you have not signed a release and have had a second application I urge you to exercise you civil rights.

It is the responsibly of each individual producer to have the back bone to stand up for his or her civil rights and the civil rights of the people who own the land that you farm. You must press this issue. If you do not stand for you rights, why then, should anybody else. Why than should you be farming someone else's land if you are not going to protect their rights also. These forgeries crosses state boundaries and would fall under Federal Jurisdiction for prosecution.

If you are interested in compensation for your losses or interested in this case in any way contact me.

Jim Winiger, 1221 Orange Grove Evansville, In. 47710 E-mail

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