Total Losses Caused by Farm Bureau, Monsanto and their Employees

Losses Based on 1999 Values. Based on todays pricing 2016 - 50 to 100 million dollars.

No. 1 Blue Food Corn loss in 93, $241,000.00

No. 2 Soybean loss in 93, $24000.00

No. 3 Blue Food Corn loss in 94, $150,000.00

No. 4 Corn Processing Plant and 58 acres in Webster County, Ky. $600,000.00 appraised Estimated value in January 2010

No. 5 Farm machinery $150,000.00

No. 6 My Home and 4 acres, shop, pole barn and 65,000 bushels of grain storage. Estimated value in January 2010 $190,000.00

No. 7 Colonel's Corn Products multi. colored corn chips that were selling in several Tri-State stores as far away as Louisville, Ky.. Dollar amount unknown.

No. 8 6 years of mental anquish

Sub Total $1,355,000.00

No. 9 Sequential Damages $1,500,000.00 loss of my income from now until my retirement cause by the lost of all of the above through the Illegal Actions (Class C Felonies) of Farm Bureau & Monsanto. Prepared by the Accounting Firm of Clem Dassel & Co. The Accounting Firm of Clem Dassel & Co. was heird by the Posey County Co-op within days after the Posey County Co-op found out that Clem Dassel & Co. was my Business Accounting Firm that I had used for about 25 years! Clem Dassel & Co. then flat-lined my income [ $1,500,000.00 until my retirement] instead of taking the yearly average increase of profit [to app. $44,000,000.00 loss of my income until retirement] to help Posey County Co-op limit their losses!

Total Financial Losses $2,855,000.00-----Thanks to Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op & Monsanto Chemical Co.

No's 1 through 3 are actual crop losses.

No's 4 through 8 are actual losses caused by Farm Bureau. As a result of Farm Bureau interfering with my Business Operating Loan at National City Bank.

The Judge James Redwine, in this case has ruled that I cannot pursue Farm Bureau for damages for 4 through 8

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