Fourth Forgery
Posey Superior Court "The Dishonorable Judge James Redwine"

Fall of 99 One week before the trial against Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op, Superior Court Judge, James Redwine, called a pretrial hearing. In this hearing, he said, Jim, you are not allowed to show the jury the forgeries. I said, what did you say, Judge Redwine said, I said you cannot show the jury the forgeries. I said, you just cost me my life, ever thing I have worked for.

Shortly after the pretrial hearing and without a trial with Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op, I was called "ordered" back into Superior Court by Judge James Redwine. I was informed that the Posey Superior Court, in other words, Judge James Redwine (By law, the judge is not allowed to have any say in the settlement) and Posey County "Farm Bureau" Co-op had reach and agreement about a settlement "for me" "It was without my permission". I was informed by the judge, that a settlement of $50,000.00 was to be given to me. The judge also informed me that I "must sign" the check and the money approximately $30,000.00 will be given to the attorney "Larry Daly" that I had fired for not doing his work and the remainder would go the National City Bank. I said, I refuse to sign the settlement and the check, my losses are for more than $50,000.00 - Judge, James Redwine said, that's OK, I will sign your signature for you. and he did. Which by Federal Law, is a Ferdeal Crime. No judge is allowed to sign a settlement form, must less, forge a signature for such settlement.

  This is the Fourth Forgery of my signature in this case.
July 20th. 98 The Plaintiff and the Defendant are required to attend the second Meditation Conference in which Judge William H. Miller of the Vanderburgh County Bar Association presides over the events. During the conference Judge Miller suggested to the Plaintiff and his Attonery that the court proceedings should be moved from Posey County. He said you will not win this case in Mt. Vernon. Now I can see why Judge Miller said I could not win this case in Posey County. Judge Miller also suggested that the Plaintiff check into the possibility of Fraud by the co-op in this case.
Forgery, in law, fabrication or alteration of a written document. Most instances of forgery occur in connection with instruments for payment of money, such as checks, but the crime may also involve documents of title or public documents.
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