James J. Winiger
Bankrupt Posey County Indiana Farmer
Due to Class C. Felony Forgeries by the Companies and Individuals listed below!
I was Forced into Bankruptcy
Posey County Farm Bureau Coop, Mt Vernon, Indiana
Monsanto Chemical Cpmpany, St Louis, Missouri
"Guilty of Class C Felony Forgery"
When You Die, You Will Answer To "God"
Letter from Prosecuting Attorney of Posey County Indiana - Trent Van Haaften
All information in this website is Accurate and Correct, It contains the history of events and each persons Deposition and all information gathered through the 9 year difficult and painful experience. Monsanto and/or Farm Bureau contacted a United States Attorney General in Houston, Texas and tried to get the Attorney General to make me take this website down from the Internet. The Attorney General spent 12 to 14 hours reading through this program to find Inaccuracies and False Statements in order to have a reason to "Order" me remove this program. He could not find Just Cause and/or Reasons, to remove this program from the Internet.
"In other words everything on this program is Factual"
Money "TALKS" - The US Legal System "WALKS" and/or Runs "To" The Money

After being railroaded by my Attorney Larry Daly and Posey County Superior Judge, The Dis-Honorable Judge James M. Redwine, I asked for help from John Krull of the ICLU (Indiana Civil Liberties Union), Ira Glasser of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Jeff Modisett - the Indiana Attorney General, Evan Bayh - US Senator of Indiana, and the US Attorney General in Washington DC, Janet Reno.

All responded that they did not want to get involved in this matter and would not help me...
I presented this case to the FBI - Federal Bereau-Investigation at the Federal Building in Evansville, Indiana. The officer told me, Mr. Winiger, this Case is like an Internal Investigation and We have to live with these people, We are not going to get involved!
All of this makes one wonder how much MONEY was involved in their decissions not to be involved.
Monsanto & Farm Bureau and All Individuals listed below are "Guilty of Class C Felony Forgery" of my signature . . . . Jim Winiger
Monsanto - We are committed to maintianing the highest level of Integrity in all our business dealings. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency and courage. - Yeah Right!
Farm Bureau - The Voice of Agriculture - Yeah Right!
Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op Asso. of Mt. Vernon, Indiana and Monsanto Chemical of St. Louis, Missouri - Are Guilty of Class C Felony Forgery! which ultimately cost me more than $2,800,000.00 and a Bankruptcy, My home, 3 farms and 4 business. - Farming, Trucking, Grain Merchandising-Winiger White Corn Company and Colonels Corn Products a Corn Chip Food Product.
After you read through this report, You will wander and think, As I do, for you and I, There is "No Legal System" except for the Individuals with "Authority" as well as Individuals and/or Companies with "Money", , They get what they want!
If you have money you can "BUY" your way and/or "Receive Favors" through the US Legal System!
What has happened to Liberty and Justice For All

For me this mess started here

In 1993, I hired Farm Bureau Coop in Mt. Vernon, Indiana to apply chemicals to my Fields
Monsanto Chemical Company of St. Louis
Posey County Farm Bureau Coop, Mt. Vernon, Ind.
now living in Prescott, Arizona
Carl J Redman, Mount Vernon, Indiana Dee - Betha Dee Marshall, Mount Vernon, Indiana
Jeff - Jeffrey Neil Jarrett, Washington Indiana, Monsanto Sale Rep.
The Fertilizer Group, LLC - Jeff - Jeffrey Neil Jarrett-
The Dis-Honorable Judge James M Redwine - Posey County Superior Court, Posey County Indiana
View the Forgeries
Violations of My Civil Rights and Grave Injustices of the Law
I was kicked out of Posey County Farm Bureau Insurance - 1701 Main St. Mount Vernon, IN 47620, Phone: 812-838-4886
Jim Swinney, General Manager of the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op and President of the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce had National City Bank, the bank where I had my Business Operating Loans, to cancel my Operating Loans and this caused me to Lose two Businesses. Winiger White Corn Company and Colonel's Corn Products.
Both Businesses and Office's were located in Sebree, Ky.
Click here to see Winiger White Corn Company - Click here to see Colonel's Corn Products
My Home was also taken because of the Class C. Felony Forgeries
by Jim Swinney, General Manager of the Posey County Farm Bureau Co-op
Farmland Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance, 8383 Idlewood Dr, Bloomington, Illinois - (309) 378-4200 - Guilty of Accepting Forged Documents as proof of Settlement to deny my claims for crop damage caused by Posey County Farm Bureau's addition of water (by 1/3) to the Chemical Mix instead of applying the Full Rate of Chemical required to Control Weed Growth.
It is my understanding, through Deposition of Monsanto Sales Rep., Jeff - Jeffrey Neil Jarrett of Washington, Indiana, that Monsanto supplied the documents and instructions to the Monsanto Sales Rep's to get Customers Signatures even if it included Forgery. The Sales Rep's then signed the Forged Documents as a witness to the Farmers Signature "this also is Forgery by the Sales Rep" which were in this case, were initially Forged by Farm Bureau!
Again, according to Monsanto Sales Rep., Jeff - Jeffrey Neil Jarrett, this practice is done throughout Monsanto's Sales. I assume this means in all countries not just in the United States.
My Total Losses Caused by Posey County Farm Bureau, Monsanto Chemical, and their Employees
See the Whole Story about this "Bunch of Thieves" who Steal from their Customers - including their "Depositions"
Companies and Individuals throughout the world have read these series of articles on the Corruption of Monsanto and Farm Bureau.
The countries are listed here: [Argentina ] [Australia ] [Bosnia and Herzegovina ] [Brazil ] [Bulgaria ] [Canada ] [Chile ]
[China ] [Colombia ] [Czech Republic ] [Europe ] [Finland ] [France ] [Germany ] [Greece ] Honduras ]
[Hong Kong ] [Hungary ] [Iceland ] [India ] [Indonesia ] [Iraq ] [Ireland ] [Israel ] [Italy ] [Japan ]
[Korea, Republic Of ] [Malaysia ] [Mexico ] [Nepal ] [Nigeria ] [Pakistan ] [Peru ] [Philippines ] [Poland ]
[Portugal ] [Puerto Rico ] [Romania ] [Russian Federation ] [Saudi Arabia ] [Slovenia ] [South Africa ] [Spain ]
[Sweden ] [Switzerland ] [Taiwan ] [United Kingdom ] [United States ] [Venezuela ] [Zimbabwe ]
I have had an attorney, from Illinois, for one group, who is also involved in court action (Forgeries) with Monsanto and Farm Bureau, to ask me if I had been threatened. I said, What do your mean? He said, has anybody threatened you? I said no. He said, "the Attorney" Be careful. In our case I have no confirmed incidents but I have heard rumors of it. I have never considered this aspect before but now I have cause for concern. 06/18/99
I became Hunted Man.
After the Forgeries of my signature which forced me into Bankruptcy and My personal property being stolen at gun point. I became a "HUNTED MAN".
One afternoon, I received a phone call, I answered the phone and the lady said, Are you Jim Winiger and I said yes, she said "watch your back"
I did not know what she meant so I dismissed it.
In this apartment complex my apartment was in a position that I could see the drive way from my up stairs window. A few days after the ladies phone call, I heard a Harley Motorcycle enter the propriety. The hood on the motorcycle was just putting along from one apartment to another stopping and reading the address on each door. When he got to my apartment he paused, read my address then starred at me in the window upstairs, then sped off, like he had been caught. At that moment I remembered the ladies phone call from the week before and the question that was asked of me in 99 by the Illinois Attorney, "Has anybody threatened you?" I though to myself. "Oh my God". I know now what the lady meant when she called me! And what the attorney from Illinois was talking about.
Within a day, I packed my belongings and moved out of state thinking, they, who every they are, would not find me. I remained in hiding for about 8 months before returning to Evansville. My plan is not to remain in one place very long. Every few months move. The only thing that I could figure out was someone or company in these series of articles did not like reading or having the public reading the truth about themselves.
If someday, I end up "dead" Someone or a company in these series of articles is responsible
. . . Jim Winiger
Update - November 6th. 2007

Someone tried to force entry in to my apartment. The person pushed a knife into the door latch, the place where the latch goes into the door facing when the door is locked. After forcing the latch open the person hit the door hard to open the door but the chain lock on the inside of the door stop his entry. The chain lock was destroyed but held enough to detour the person from completing enter into my apartment. This was reported to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff. An investigation was make pictures were taken and a piece of evidence was gathered that has given a DNA sample.

Their is no reason for a burglar to single me out in this apartment complex. I am not close to the entry, in fact I am way to the rear. No one saw this person or a strange car on the property. The person who tried to enter my apartment had to park his viechel off of this property and walk to my rear door in order not to be seen. This means that someone was purposely looking for me.

On this program that you are reading, I have a counter, tracker that tells me where the person is located that is reading this program. From October 1st. until Nov. 6th. this program has received numerous hits some from Mt. Vernon and Washington Indiana where the people who forged my signature live. Jim Sweeney, Carl J Redman, Dee Marshall, Judge James Redwine, the Posey County Co-op and its Board of Directors live in Mt. Vernon and Jeff Jerrett, sale rep for Monsanto Chemical, lives in Washington, Indiana.

The program has also received numerous hits in the same time frame from Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, and St. Louis where one can hire a person to kill someone for about 50 cents.

Again, if I am found dead, my death is probable caused by someone or a company identified in this program. . . . . James J. Winiger